Monday, 25 February 2013

And the Oscar goes to....

The Oscars were on last night and after months of catching up on as many of the nominated films as possible, my family and I sat down to fill out our ballots!

I am not a huge fan of most award shows, but the Oscars are in a totally different league! Having grown up loving movies and even contemplating a career in the industry, my love of film takes over and I become a giddy little school girl. I love the dresses, the jewelry, the speeches, the pre interviews, discovering movies and documentaries that I didn't know anything about, and most of all, seeing the passion and determination in the people who devote their lives to telling a story to the world. They have spent years of their lives working on every aspect of the films we see everyday! I find myself so interested in all the behind the scenes categories at the Oscars like costume design, makeup, sound and special effects. These people are the best of their craft and very rarely do we even see or hear of them. They are the people who drive these films and make all the tiny little decisions that we don't even give a second thought to! They are really the heroes of these films and I love seeing them get up on stage and tell their story.

This year was no different! There was an amazing group of films nominated and the competition between the family was tough. We have our own little golden statue at stake and let me tell you, we take that very seriously! My family sat down to watch the preliminary show, with our own Oscar in sight! You always have to keep your eyes on the prize right?

Our Golden Oscar! 

It was a great night! The stars looked beautiful, Seth did a great job hosting, there were lots of laughs, and a lot of the people I was rooting for took home the Oscar!

Our Ballots! Let the best man/woman win!
And who ended up winning you ask?

Well the winner of the Oscar and a year of bragging rights goes to..............

It was a tie between,

 Mom and ME!

Way to go! It was a tough race though! The ladies came out on top with 14/24 and the boys were tied for second with 13/24! This is the first win for my Mom, and 3rd for me! Thanks to my awesome family for supplying the amazing food, and for playing a great game! I am already looking forward to the next year of amazing movies! Let's get the pop corn poppin', the lights down and the sound up! Bring on the 2013 films! 

I'm dying to know, what are your Oscar traditions?

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