Monday, 25 February 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my Kevin!

Thank you for making me laugh, 
Wiping my tears,
Watching stupid girly shows with me (that I know you secretly enjoy),
Tucking me in every night, 
Confronting your fears everyday,
Encouraging me to start my business and do what I love to do,
For your endless, undying support of everything, 
Compromising with me,
Loving my family as much as I do,
Wiping the snow off my car in the winter while I wait for the car to heat up,
Your caring, forgiving, compassionate nature,
For acting like a total crazy just to see make me laugh, 
For accepting my neurotic, OCD, and sometimes controlling tendencies,
Your almost sickening optimism,
and most importantly.....

Thank you for being the best Husband ever!!!! I love you and can't wait to share many more anniversaries with you!

Happy 1 Year!

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