Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Totally Pallet Crazy!

If you have been following me on Pinterest, you will have no doubt seen the recent serge in pallet pins.

This idea of turning something ugly, dirty and useless into something beautiful AND functional is why I have started this blog, and why I am so passionate about crafting. Who knew that something you could pick up on the side of the road, or in the dumpster at your work had the potential to be turned into something to be proud of! This is so exciting to me!!!!!!!!!!!

I have printed out TONS of tutorials and ideas in the last few months and these pictures are what got it all started!

Pallets can be torn apart and reassembled into furniture like chairs, benches, tables etc. Adding a little bit of TLC has given this once "piece of trash," new life in a beautiful way. Who wouldn't want this amazing rustic patio in their backyard oasis? Click here for some more great pictures of this awesome yard.

You can add them to the back of an IKEA Billy bookcase which would give a normally boring household staple, a modern twist. You can leave it natural, or paint them to match your room! Perhaps in a kids room you can paint each piece of wood a different primary colour! Again... Endless possibilities! And here is the step by step tutorial!

What a puuuuuurfect little retreat for the spoiled pet in your home! Whether inside or out, this little pet bed is perfect for your best furry friends! Click here for more pictures and other great uses for pallets!

Without doing much work at all  you can have a little herb garden by leaning your pallet up against your house, garage, or fence and attaching hose clamps (found at your local hardware store) with cute tarracotta pots! This not only keeps your herbs off the ground where some little critters might be enjoying a late night snack, but it also is a great display, allows plenty of room for water to drain and is easy access for additions to meals during the day! SO cheap and SO BEAUTIFUL! Find the tutorial here via Kelly Moore.

Outdoor storage box! Enough said! Who could not use one of these? Click here for an AMAZING tutorial and more great ideas from Ana White's Blog!

 Sweet personalized wall decor that is close to FREE! Everyone has one of those walls in their homes that has stayed empty! Whether it was too big or too small, nothing seemed to fit there. Well now you can make a custom work of art! Printing out some stencils from your home computer and spraying some paint on there and tadaaaaaa! The once hopeless wall is sure to be a focal point now! For more ideas and tutorials click here for Tara Being Tara's blog

A great modern headboard made out of aged wood looks stunning in this bedroom. It is very neutral so it sure to go with many different styles and ladies, this is something your husbands will love! No more padded, flower or scrolled headboards! We are bringing the outdoors in with this stunning conversation piece! For more pictures and info visit Stylizimo's Blog here.

So the next time you drive by a pallet leaning up against a dumpster you might want to think twice before passing it by. Make sure you clean it off of course. It WAS leaning against a dumpster after all. ;) But once clean, the possibilities are really endless. Get ready for me to be blogging about this again sometime soon, but instead of ideas and inspiration, it will be my creations! EEEEEEEE I'm soooo excited!

Happy crafting!


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