Thursday 28 June 2012

Memory Jar

I have had the idea of creating a nice little memory jar for a long time. I looked at so many jars, designs and inspiration, and I finally found the perfect supplies, and the perfect occasion to make one! My good friends were getting married and I thought who better to give this gift to than people that my husband and I have known for a long time, and have shared many memories with. It would be a personal, thoughtful and fitting gift for a wedding of two of the most amazing people we know. We really wanted to make them something that would help start the new chapter of their lives on a positive and exciting note. 

Usually when I start a new craft end up kind of winging it. I know that sounds terrible but I have a vision in my head of what it is supposed to look like, and interestingly enough, it never ends up looking like how I have originally pictured it. I end up working in steps and as I go along I change and tweak things and come out with a product that I never saw coming. This project was no differnt. In order to create a memory jar one would need a jar (duh). Then I would think about designing the contents and adding the little touches that reflect me as a crafter, and resonate with the people that I am giving the gift to. I wanted a little card to go along with it to explain what the gift was, and how they could use it. I thought about how I would present this explanation to them, and I had to add some kind of paper to fill out about each memory. 

Above is the card congratulating the couple on their marrige, explaining the gift, giving direction on how to use it and so on.
We couldn't expect people to appreciate this gift without adding something they could fill out. It would have been underwhelming to get a beautiful memory jar with nothing to complete it with. So I made about 100 small cards that the couple could fill out for each memory. It asked them to record the date, where they were, who they were with, and why the memory was something that wanted keep and look back on later. The couple can use what we provided and also throw in movie stubs, pictures, shells from a vacation etc. I then tied the explanation and cards together with a cute bow and TA DA! Memory jar contents were finished! 


I was happy with the outcome but felt as though there was something missing. These were two very special people to my family, and they had a particularly rough year leading up to the wedding. We needed to do something that really made them feel special, and that went along with the theme of the memory jar. I started to think and ended up reflecting on how the relationship of the four of has changed. We had grown up together, did school projects together, graduated and found jobs, met our spouses, and moved into homes. A lot has happened in our relationships over the last decade, and we had grown apart a little. I needed to find a way to bring us back together - to create a reason for us to work on our relationship and grow it to match the people that we have evolved into. These are people that I love and who mean more to me than an envelope with a cheque or a gift off their registry. They are people that I want in my life forever and I wanted this gift to reflect my feelings. 

I ended up thinking about all the things we used to do together as high schoolers and thought about creating a package of activities that we could all enjoy. I came up with 12 fun activities and events that we could all do together. One event for each month of the first year of their marriage. I designed 12 envelopes with each month on them and divided up the activities into the seasons and holidays that were appropriate. For example, October took advantage of Halloween and gave the bride and groom two or three scary Halloween themed trips and activities to choose from. 

We picked activities for every month and asked the bride and groom, no matter how busy we were, to pick a day each month that the four of us could spend together. I thought this was a good idea to keep our relationship strong, and to create amazing memories to go along with their new memory jar. 

We compiled all the envelopes together and tied them up with ribbons. We now had two packages sitting inside their jar. I hope they were excited and curious to open them all up! :)

The only thing left to do was label the jar somehow. We needed something simple because it was going on a glass jar, and something that described what it was to a guest walking by and seeing this in our friends home. I tried printing a label much like the ones on the envelopes but it didn't do it justice. If the jar label ever got wet or brushed up against something it would leave marks and would not last the test of time. I thought about getting the text cut out of vinyl and realized this was the best option. 

Vinyl before adhering to the memory jar.
It would withstand moisture and the countless knocks and scrapes that would happen over time. We adhered the vinyl to the jar and could not have been happier with the results. 

I loved the end product so much that I ordered more vinyl so we could create one for my husband and myself. I hope our friends were as happy with it as we were and I can't wait to have a year full of great memories with our very best friends!

Happy Crafting!



  1. You are very talented Teri... love your blog!

  2. A very nice gift to give to a good friend!

  3. Anthony Jezovit29 June 2012 at 15:10

    Sweetie you have the talent !
    It is a special gift that anyone would love to get!

  4. From where I can purchase this

  5. This is a very creative gift indeed, Teri. I have been thinking about a gift for a couple of my girlfriends and their spouses and I definitely see how this can be tweaked for my purposes. I am Inspired! Thank you!........Now I just need to find the time to sit down and actually complete this project.

  6. Thanks for this idea! My husband changed addresses for the last time this past March, and I struggle in ways to celebrate his life. Especially on holidays. His birthday is Monday, 10/16 and I want to do something with the boys. We can buy a jar and put it together and put in a place so we can stop and write a memory when we think of them. Then next year on his birthday, we can take them out and read them. I think it's a great way to remember him and celebrate his life as a husband and father.