Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Creating a Crafting Oasis

As I try to get organized and wrap my head around trying to bring my crafting to the next level and make it an actual career, I realize that I need an oasis for this to begin. There has to be one room in my house that I can call my Crafting Heaven. I picture everything being organized, being a bright and airy room, a place where everything I need is in its place and at an arms length. Can a creative place like that really exist? When most people walk into a painter studio, for example, there is stuff everywhere! The desk in my house where my husband and I store the "paperwork" is a disaster. Yet we still manage to know where everything is. So organization is different for everyone I guess. However, my idea of a creative place is a place that is beautiful and where everything has a place. :)

I have chosen the smallest spare bedroom upstairs as a place for this oasis to live. I'm kind of regretting this decision now however we have already painted and started decorating the guest bedroom which is quite a lot larger. We can always change this when the business takes off! Fingers crossed! :)

So the room is about 10 by 10 and a godawful green right now with boxes and supplies strewn about, and it is the last room in the house that has not been decorated. This is very troubling to me. I like things away and finished. But I can't seem to make up my mind on what I want the room to feel and look like. Do I want a nice white room with bright accent colours? Or do I want a super colourful fun and inspiring room? I know I don't want a space that I will get sick of or feel trapped in. I want something where the ideas can flow, where I can be productive and a place that makes me happy when I walk in it.

I think the best thing that I learned taking photography in school is about research. I was told that you have to research to look at other art as much as possible. You can find things in other peoples work that you can take and put a twist on. They emphasized that is not copying peoples work as long as you put your flare on it. I leaned how to take pictures by studying the greats and shooting in their style. This was the best advice and whenever I go to take a picture, decorate my home, or do anything creative, I look around at what everyone else is doing. I found some great examples of work and craft rooms.

This first one is a great room that is really organized and clean. All the shelves are hidden so you can have a little mess in there and no one would be the wiser. I love the pops of colour in there as well. Yellow chandelier, adorable wall decals, aqua and green details! This is perfections!

This is a great clean, bright, organized craft room as well. It kooks about the same size as my room and a little messier (in other words - a little more my style). I love the idea of having a inspiration broad as well. You never know where you will find your inspiration so keeping a board with things that you rip out of magazines etc is key to a successful crafting heaven!

Now this is what I was talking about when I said COLOUR! How could you not have a huge smile when you walk in this room? It's great because its small and yet super neat and put together. You can really see some personality in here!

No craft room is complete without a wrapping station. Christmas time is among one of my most creative times of year! The possibilities are endless when it comes to wrapping gifts and a craft room would not be a craft room without a great station to wrap those gifts for the family and friends.

So I think I'm In the right direction... right? I think I'm leaning more towards a pure white room with some decals in the wall (thank God my hubby can hook me up with those). Either way it needs to represent me and my crafting style... I will keep you posted! Let me know what you all think! 



  1. Teri!!! I have been dying for a craft room! Im jealous you have an extra room to use. I have bins and bags of stuff in the corner of the living room (much to my roommate's dismay I'm sure) and have to fit my sewing machine on the same small desk my computer is on. I long for crafting space! I am going to live through you for now! Keep us posted and I will definitely be keeping up with your new blog!! Best of luck!

    1. Thanks sooo much Ashley! I appreciate the support so much!! However, I don't know if you will be jealous of the craft room if you saw it right now! It is such a disaster! I'm in the process of picking my colours and designing it now and I am so excited to post before and afters. I can't wait until it is a functioning space! Stay tuned!


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