Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Best Friend is Vinyl

One of my favourtie things to do (much to the chagrin of my husband) is decorate our home, and dream up ways that I can add more character and enhance the overall look and feel of our space. That being said, I find it hard to commit to permanent changes. I get so scared that a week after I paint, I will get sick of it and change it, or a day after I put the holes in the wall to hang a picture or decoration, I will want to move it down and over a few inches. It's costly, and annoying to keep changing my mind! So I end up just leaving walls empty and ugly until I get so fed up (usually a few months).

My husband and I were looking at options to decorate a weird angled wall we had in our home. Should we paint a weird graphic on it, should we just hang a few pictures, or maybe even a canvas or blow up one of my photographs and play around with how to display it? This got annoying and we couldn't agree on one thing. I do a lot of looking around on and fell in love with all the House Rules that I was seeing on there. Every one was different and personalized to each home. Some were painted on a wall and some were stencilled on a piece of old rustic wood. It seemed like a perfect wall for something like that. It was near the front door for guests to see upon entry into home,  and it was right in front of the stairs which I thought would be a handy reminder for Kev and I everyday as we got ready and made our way out to work.

So I tried to get some inspiration from other House Rules and ended up making my own. Kevin gave me all the measurements and I picked a font and layout I liked and started writing out our rules. I just love how it looked. I sent it away to get printed and here it is on our wall!

Our Family Rules

I just love the tone of our House Rules and how it says that it's okay to make mistakes and be silly! It's okay to be 100% yourself, and to say that you're sorry for something. There are many times where we look at that wall, and we realize that we haven't taken our own advice. But it always reminds us of the direction we need to go in, and as long as we are a family and we keep trying, everything will be okay. When we decide to have kids I hope it will be a constant reminder of the home we want to keep!

After the success with our Rules, we kind got a little carried away! We brought the vinyl into almost every room in our home! I just figured that it was such a great NON PERMANENT way to decorate. If we ever got sick of what was on the wall, we could just peel it off! It is amazing! We don't have to worry about all the holes we put in the wall and, if we ever decide to sell our home, the future occupants will thank us for it!

We made a menu board for our kitchen with a dry erase finish! We update it every week with all our meals... With the exception of Saturday! We tend to leave that one open as we never know what we will end up doing!

We applied it over the couch in our living room,

This satisfied my obsession with Zebras for now :)

We added a frosted vinyl to our front door and sidelights, as well as the bathrooms just to have a little privacy while still letting in all the light.

Front door with frosting. I love how it still lets in so much light!

Vinyl is easy to clean, a little difficult to install but is a fairly forgiving, inexpensive, and an awesome way to add a little character to your home. And the best part is... it's NON PERMANENT! No need to fill with plaster, sand, and repaint only to have a weird looking spot on the wall if you ever change your mind! EW. Just peel and your wall is back to plain without any hassle!

It honestly has to be the best invention ever to help create a great, personalized and unique home! We are currently working on other designs to add over our bed in the Master,  and for the guest room and craft/sewing room! Soon every room in our home will have a little more character! Either that or we will look like the crazy people who got really carried away!  :)

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