Friday, 6 February 2015

Ready to Deliver

So my first order is packaged and ready to deliver! I'm sorry, but this is ridiculously exciting for me!

I have been putting the breaks on launching this business for months, and I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing me go on and on about it. I think that I'm a little bit of a perfectionist with these things. Wait... I KNOW, I am a perfectionist! I have been told repeatedly by the people I have worked with, that I am a perfectionist! Well it could be a lot worse, I guess! I could be called a lot of other things!

Anyway, I took the leap a few days ago to finally launch, and I am so happy I did. So far the response has been great, and I am excited to get my products out there to my customers. I have been working hard on my packaging and am finally happy with it. What do you guys think?

For local deliveries that we are making ourselves, we chose to use a nice natural box that can be used again by our customers. Simple and cute. We have a vinyl decal of our tag line on the bottom right of the box. I have always been a fan of putting things off centre! It must be the photographer in me! We chose vinyl because that way it wouldn't stain the box, and if the customer wishes, they can remove and reuse the box at a later date. (Or leave it on there and help promote us!)
Here is a closer look!

We also have customized bags that we deliver all our products in that can be reused after delivery. It is washable and totally adorable! We think it adds a cute extra detail to an otherwise plain bag! We hope you enjoy!

And each delivery is packaged with love and care, and a personalized thank you note to show our appreciation for your order!

Thanks to Tania for our first order! We hope you enjoy your new Shopping Tote and Coin Purse!

Unfortunately our Zebra Coin Purse is out of stock at the moment, but if you are interested in our Shopping Tote, it is still available here.

View all of Last Key Creations items at our Etsy store here!

Thanks and happy shopping!

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