Monday, 30 September 2013

Never Too Old To Make Wishes

My husband and I decided to have a nice little date night this weekend. We didn't want to go out and spend money so we decided that staying in would be just as fun if we did something we have never done before. We got out the fire pit, marshmallows, and some sleeping bags and had a camping night right in our own backyard. We didn't have to dress up or spend money which is the best kind of date, as far as I am concerned. As I looked up at the beautiful starry sky I got to thinking about making wishes!  I heard somewhere, a long long time ago, to find the brightest star in the sky, and make a wish. Naturally, I told my husband to make it a good one! This whole thing got me thinking.

Whether it is a shooting star, a dandelion, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, a Genie, a Fairy, breaking the wishbone of a cooked turkey during the holidays, 11:11, or throwing money into a wishing well or fountain, I take every opportunity I can to make as many wishes as possible! Call me silly or superstitious but you never know! One of these days, all my wishes might come true, and until then, I will be making as many of them as possible! I will be sitting on my porch when I'm a little old lady, still making wishes on shooting stars!

I am very careful in how I phrase the wish as I know wording is of the utmost importance! One missed detail and your wish can be completely misunderstood or manipulated! I am not willing to allow that to happen, so I usually end up talking out my wish for about 5 minutes just to make sure I didn't leave anything out!

Lucky time of day... Hopefully!

Now, I know that most of my monetary wishes haven't come true (yet), but I do have a happy and healthy family, I have a wonderful and loving husband who supports and encourages me, and I am for the most part, happy in my life. Maybe wishes do come true after all? And even if they don't, whats the harm in looking up at a starry sky and throwing one up there? You never know what will come of tomorrow and if that wish will make its way back down to you. I know that I am not willing to let an opportunity like that get passed up.

Some people call me too superstitious, others call me crazy, and I'm sure some of you reading this think it's pretty unrealistic or even immature. The truth of the matter is, you're probably right! I am REALLY superstitious and kinda crazy (I will be the first to admit that), but I still have hope that everyday a miracle can happen and that a dream will come true. I try to wake up every morning and think about all of the possibilities. I might win the lottery, or be noticed by casting director and be cast opposite Ryan Gosling in the next big movie at the box office! I know it probably won't happen to me, but at least I still have hope. Hope is something that pushes me to try to achieve the dreams and the the countless wishes I have made. So call me crazy, but at least I have something that keep me entertained and hopeful about tomorrow.

Do you still make wishes?

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