Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer is...

As annoying as it is to hear people say, It's not the heat, it's the humidity, doesn't take away from how true the statement actually is. It is no secret that summer is my least favourite season, but this year with the cooler temperatures and the frequent storms, I've been really happy with summer so far. My herb garden is flourishing, my little kitten Dex, is happy that the windows are always open, and the best part is that the temperatures dip down pretty low once the sun goes down which reminds me that Fall is on its way. 

Don't get me wrong, summer is still pretty awesome. I get to go away on vacation every year with my family, I can sit outside and read, there are so many amazing, fresh and delicious local ingredients to cook with, and the days are nice and long so you feel a little more motivated to do more in a day than any other season. And how could I forget... BARE FEET. Hands down the best thing about warmer temperatures... 

Here are a few other great things about summer... 

...Dexter making friends with the little critters outside

... a welcoming garden

... a game of chess in the park

...a full moon over a calm ocean

...playing hide-and-seek with the cutest goat around

...bright and colourful fields

...Magnolias blooming

...fresh picked flowers all over the house

...fresh, homemade pizza with ingredients from the back yard

What are your favourite things about summer?

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