Monday, 22 April 2013


Today I am,

... amazed that it feels like -6C when literally two days ago it was +25C!
... counting down the days until we go on our 2 week vacation to my fav place ever - Myrtle Beach SC!!! ROAD TRIP!!! 26 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
... excited to take my husband to his favourite movie tonight in 3D! Jurassic Park here we come! (ssssshhhhhhh I secretly love the movie too and can't wait)
... trying to get the house clean! A never ending battle when you live with a black cat and a husband!
... trying to discourage myself from going to Ikea. So far it's not working. I really wanna go!!
... trying not to spend money on all the things I want to do to the house ie.

  • finish master & guest bathroom reno $$$
  • rip up all the carpeting on the stairs and second floor and replace it with hardwood $$$$$$$ (never going to happen)
  • hang all our pictures and decorations on our massive empty staircase walls
  • buy a new dining table and chairs $$$$
  • get a new dishwasher that actually dries dishes $$$$
  • finish my craft/sewing room
  • design and plant a garden oasis in the back yard $$$$
  • #nevergonnagetitalldone

... trying to tell myself that I don't NEED all the things in the last point to make my home amazing
... thinking about how close I am to getting my business up on Etsy, but the last few things I have to do seem to be taking FOREVER
... trying to fit in time to make dinner for company tomorrow so I can just throw it in the oven when they get here
... getting ready to plant a herb garden
... wishing that it was thunder storming again outside :) My favourite part of spring and summer
... feeling sad for my kitten because he was so happy when the windows were open the last few days, but the heat had to come back on last night! :(
... thinking that I should wrap this up because most people probably stopped reading by this point!!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and that it's been a little less scattered than mine!

Happy weekend everyone!

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