Monday, 10 September 2012

Cheddar Cheese Scones

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love to bake. It all started when I was a young girl and my Grandmother and Mother would get together and bake hundreds of cookies around the holidays. I would rush home from school when I knew my grandmother was coming over so that I could watch them at work, and help whenever and however I could. I would watch them work for hours and  they taught me all the little tricks of the trade. I am so thankful for those days because now I can make my way around a kitchen! (and my husband thanks us all everyday!)

I started baking muffins and cookies on my own until I perfected the recipes. I would always feed as many people as I could so that I could get some honest feedback as well. This made me a little popular at school and around the office during the holiday season. Now I get people putting their orders in for every holiday you can think of! I love it, but I needed to start working on other things and broadening my skills. I decided to move onto breads!

A few weeks ago I was over at my parents house and they had purchased some scones from the local grocery store. I was starving so I helped myself to one and fell in love. Normally I was not a big fan of scones but there was something special about these! You just can't go wrong combining cheese and bread. MMmmmmmmmmmm. A few days later I received a magazine in the mail with a recipe for cheddar cheese scones. A lady who owned a bed and breakfast in British Colombia had submitted it to the magazine and it looked absolutely DELISH. She said that she bakes fresh scones every morning for her guests and after thousands of attempts, she has mastered the cheddar cheese scone! I was so nervous because I am a little hard on myself and reading that this lady had spent all this time trying to perfect quality scones, I didn't think I would be able to make something edible at all out of. Breads have always made me nervous because I have a tendency to over knead and over blend my ingredients and I end up with dense, dry breads that didn't rise at all. I love making food for my family and I passed the idea by them, and by the reaction of excitement coming from my Dad, I deiced to give it a try.

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning to get started. I have some windows in the kitchen that let in the beautiful morning sun and you just can't help but find inspiration and motivation in that! I got all my ingredients together and started to work away!

My messy kitchen!

So after I followed the directions TO THE T, and I was able to use a cookies cutter to cut out the scones. The recipe said it would make 10, and mine made 12 so I think I might have made them a little too thin. Oh well... The more the merrier right?

Getting ready to go in the oven!
The worst part about making something like a scone is that I always think I did them wrong because there are chunks of flour and they barley look like they are held together. Usually those are all bad things when baking but I took solace in my mom telling me it was normal and that they would not rise if I over worked the dough.

So I put them in the oven and anxiously waited for the timer to buzz. My OCD required me to check incessantly fo15 minutes until I pulled them out and made sure that they were baked all the way through.

Now that they were cooling I got my testers handy. It passed the husband test, and then I sent some over to my parents house. They passed the test with flying colours and 3 were devoured in less than 5 minutes! Sucess! I can now add cheese scones to my resume!

Here the the recipe. If I can do it, you can do it! Give it a try. I guarentee you will LOVE them!

Happy baking!


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