Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Branding and Packaging!

As you walk through a mall or even a store, your mind is constantly being stimulated by advertising! And we would all be lying if we didn't admit that when we are standing in front of the shelves in the grocery store that we tend to be attracted to the prettier of the products before we even bother to look at the prices. It's so true for me! So in trying to get my work out there I am constantly asking myself if the way I am packaging my crafts is good enough... Does it convey the feelings and emotions that I want it to? Does it actuaratly represent who I am as an artist and a person? Is it interesting, eye catching, and attractive? One of the things I am interested in selling are soaps, bath salts and tea tub sachets etc. I have to think about the reasons people buy these products, and I have to make them appealing at the same time. People tend to purchase soap related products because of the smell, because they want it to relax with them, and perhaps because they want something that is natural instead of chemical. I also have to take into consideration that the customer can easily head to a drug store down the street to purchase these things so why should they buy mine? I have to show them why mine is better than what can buy elsewhere. Especially when it is something that is so readily available close to home.  These things are so important to convey in the packaging.

Again I think back to what I was taught in school. Research Rea search Research! Look around for what you like and try to see what other people are doing! Don't copy... Just get inspired!

Below is a great example of a really fresh and simple, fun look. It is really clean and concise, a perfect trial or travel size. I love the simplicity of it.

This is a great example of packaging giving away a very natural, handmade feel that is so popular now. Its cute that they have included a hand towel to give away as well. Very simple, eye catching, and interesting.

These are so fun!  Whimsical, colourful and cute! They also have a very handmade look to them. I think these are my fav!

It is so important to create a brand that is personal and represents me and what I stand for. Keys are important to me, as you can tell from the blog, so it was only natural to have them as part of my overall look. I have to figure out a way to combine all the elements (or pick an important few) to include into my packing and branding of my business. It's also good to keep in mind that if  I branch out and start designing greeting cards, wreaths, perhaps candles or other crafts (which I am soo interested in doing) that my brand is consistent and something that can cross over to all areas of my crafting business.

Branding and packaging! Sooo important.... and yet I am sooo undecided! I will keep you posted! You have any ideas?


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